"Truths that go untold cease to exist." -- Gabe Dalmath



Gabe Dalmath was an inspirational human being who loved life and people and always put others first. He was kind, thoughtful, caring and gentle - a doer - who treasured the freedom this country offered. It is our hope that through this Web site and the Gabe Dalmath Foundation, that Gabe can continue to inspire others to live life to the fullest, realize their dreams and always be there for others.

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Gabe was born in Hungary in 1946. Seeking freedom, he and his family fled the country during the Revolution with his family in 1956. They sought refuge across the border in Austria, soon afterward settling in England for two years while they saved money to move to the United States.

Gabe's life in photos - growing up, service in the Army, service to the community, his carerer in radio and television broadcasting and his life with his family and many friends.

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YMCA's 8th Annual Gabe Dalmath Walk is March 20, 2011

The Gabe Dalmath Foundation is established

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Seneca Park Zoo names Elephant Overlook after Gabe -- Help Make a Difference


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